A red bearded dwarf who believes he is comes from a Scottish style clan.


Killian was born from an unknown clan that he can all imagine what cause him to find himself an Orphan at Human Orphanage run by a kind old human Monk. He was brought up around people of all races and does not share the standard dwarven animosity for other races although he still retains the knowledge.
Dressed in Admatie Full plate by day along with his friend who is dressed in Mithiral Battle Plate they pride themselves on the finer things when it comes time to dress for an event both dress in the finest cloths gold can by. Taking pride in all this that make them look like they belong they work hard to do what is right and good for all. Killian is a dwarf of faith who aspires to be a true defender someday Covar is a Defender who KIllian now works to assist feeling that being a healer now is more important that being a second defender.


Born of an unknown dwarf clan raised by a human monk at an orphanage. Kiliain was raised with out the standard hatreds of most dwarfs. He was working a a Scotch brewer in the village near the orphanage when the call came out to help recover a relic then along with a Human Palidin who will some day be a champion of not only Humans but dragons too began looking for clues as to where the relic could. With the help of an Elf who allows greed to get the better of him. they explored the caves in the mountains. It was here that Killian found his adopted Dwarf clan.
WHen he spoke to the clan leaders he found out that they didn’t posses a Brewer, so KIllian switched from brewing scotch and started brewing beer for the dwarfs earning himself a place among the dwarfs. Soon the quest took him beyond the confines of the Dwarven Hold it was hear all the teaching of his youth would be put to the test. He end up traveling with an Orc.
At first he traveled with the Orc seeing him a threat to his new clan. This became more apparent when he saw the damage this Orc could deal out. He soon discovered a newly budding kingdom of orcs lead by a lazy orc king. it was hear that he realized that like all other races not all Orcs are the same so he started to find that the one Orc he was going to study prosesed a similar view of the world to himself. And he went on many adventures with this Orc to see what the Orc Empire was. It was hear he learned more about the person who stole the relic from the orphanage. He soon took this Orc back to the orphage and met up with the last of his traveling companions 2 witches named for the seasons
This is most profound show by his willingness to be come a Citizen of an Orc Empire and pay tax to the empire and travel with 2 of their champions. Including a short stint as a Tax collector.
He soon discovered that not all Dwarfs are good either he met up with a clan that wish to do harm to the orc empire so with the help of his friends he defeated the dragon and sent the drarfs packing for home.
He soon found that he traveled too much to keep up with his obligations of master brewer for his clan so he purchased a wagon to take his brewing everywhere.
He then ended up in the Capital of the Human empire working for Halflings and discovering all sorts of new evils from soul collectors to daemons and assassins sent to kill him. But it wasn’t all bad things he found friends in the halflings and even met a patron saint. but all the good times were coming to and end he found himself embroiled in yet another battle this time for the life of the Human queen herself with the help of his friends and his Patron Halfling he saved the queen. earning his Parton the title of Duke the first since the last one betrayed the empire. Soon their afer another battle occured this one in a land across the plains from the human empire and he found himself to be woking to build an alliance to defeat a lich.

After disconver his Parents Identity and discovering a long lost Uncle. Killian witness what happens when you choose the dark path even your closest confidants can turn against you. Upon Leaving his Uncle he was give what he was told as a Don’s Ring. with the help of his companions he found out the true name of the ring and what it as armed with information Killian has found himself a new personal quest to sit on the throne of Saint Peter where ever that may be


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