D&D 3.5 Amalgamation

Brain Dead

“I have an idea!’, Pedro says. The little lizardfolk then charges down the staircase into the darkness. Spring follows him and Mounds, his dire tortoise companion.
The inspiration was spawned out of desparation. Outside the building, pulsing in the air was a gigantic floating brain, the nemesis of the lizardfolk, and the creature the party has been hunting. Scattered about the ruins of the underground city is the remnants of the lizardfolk tribe, broken and fleeing from the “god who was not to be named” and his aberrant lizardfolk servants, who are busy harvesting sustenance from the slower of the lizardfolk. The gold dragon, whose full name can only be pronounced in the dragon tongue, is lying dormant beneath the elder brain. Rex, his son, and a half lizardfolk is desperately trying to rally his people while flying at the abomination with his jagged blade. The party that came to hunt the brain are now feeling less bold, as they attempt to harass it with magic and weapons, to little effect.

How did it all come about this way? It all started with a comment from Pedro. He had mentioned the ancient home of his people to a group of powerful pink skins he met during his travels with Rex, and the human Winter became interested in this place, as well as his people. She seems to want the lizardfolk to rise up against the humans that live outside of their swamp home, which he thought could be amusing. He knows all these humans to be wizards, arcane nature-twisting abominations in their own right. But this one did help Rex find his father, and he loves Rex as brother lizards would from the same clutch of eggs. If this human arcane slinging nature warper would help his people against the ancient evil that drove them from their homes those thousands of years ago, he might come around to the idea about helping her kill some other evil wizards. He was pleasantly surprised when the group actually showed up at his mud hut. Of course they were after another pink flesh, a crazy old man who wanders the swamp. He had warned his tribe not to go near that crazy old man. But secretly he was intrigued. When he heard their plight, and how their minds are invaded by a foreign entity, he knew what they were up against, the God who was not to be Named. The legends tell that a god wandered into the paradise city of Lrrugh 3 thousand years ago, destroying the civilization of his people and scattering the survivors into the swampland above. Worse yet, for the last 3000 years, lizardfolk have disappeared occasionally from the swamp, and several times a small tribe would disappear altogether. Once in a while, a body is found, with its brain sucked out of its skull. Tracks of lizardfolk are often found near the disappearances, leading towards the forbidden city. On rare instances, survivors and witness tell of monstrous lizardfolk who feed on other lizardfolk and abduct some to the forbidden city. All the tribes know of the feeders that come in the night. All the tribes fear the feeders that come to take their children away. They warn the young ones of the dangers of the swamp and the forbidden city. It is forbidden for a very good reason.
But the arrival of the pink skins changes things. Petro has seen them in action, and thinks their combined power can rid his people of this threat once and for all. So he calls the tribe together, and sound the war horn, they are going to war against a god.

And a god he was, his guardians are strong, but with combined effort with his new allies and the lost on no few lives, they finally reach the lair of the god. The humans within proved the most dangerous adversaries, but fell just the same. Perhaps he needs to rethink the idea of fighting against the humans. They had 2 captives, a dwarf and a young boy. Perhaps they were offerings to the god. The dwarf was very vocal when the other pink fleshes wanted to bind and gag him, and mentioned laws that protected him from mistreatment. In the end Rex offered the tribe to bring them to safety. It was perhaps the wisest and the most stupid decision Rex ever made. The boy turned out to be the brain god, disguised with his alien abomination magics. And now his tribe is outside, fighting for their lives, and nothing they do, including Rex’s father seem to be harming the god. He can now understand how his people were brought low 3 thousand years ago.

But the crazy old man mentioned something that stuck in Pedro’s mind. A black vase that sits in the lair of the god. It must be downstairs, in the one place they have not searched. He rushes down with Mounds and Spring and was assaulted by all his senses of the alien room below. His first instinct was the run, and Mounds agreed wholeheartedly. By the time he regains his senses, he was upstairs again. He takes a deep breath and steels his resolve, and plunges into the darkness again. This time, perhaps because he has seen it before, he was able to calm himself. Calling upon the ancient nature of the swamp, he grants Mounds the ability to destroy, and instructed him to bite the vase.

A Civil War turns into Multi-Racial Incident

It started as an uprising in a small country named Thay. The slaves, along with some support from several army units, overran several key government locations and trade routes and demanded to be heard. The legion of Zulkir Tam and his allies quickly descended on the rebels, killing many and forcing the rest to surrender. The punitive force did not stop there, and soon 2 other Zulkirs were killed. Zulkir Kul and Mediocros fled into the Human Empire, requesting political asylum and aid in reclaiming their country. Morg N’ Thorg visited the exiled wizards, and offered to bring a representative to the Orc Kingdom to negotiate an alliance. The wizards sent an elderly wizard named Rose, whom the party had confronted before, to act as their negotiator. The orc king ironed out the deal with the wizards, and went to the council to ratify the alliance, when out of the sky a gaunt human wizard with hollow glowing eyes appeared. He proclaimed that all who oppose him shall die, and rained meteors down on the council of orc present. 9 of the 12 council members were killed and this attack precipitated war between Thay and the orc kingdom. The orcs, who had wanted to make war on the fire dwarfs before this happened, had a standing army of mercenaries 600 strong, but it was no match for Thay, who reportedly had 2000 soldiers as well as a vast legion of undead. So they sent an ambassador to the Human Empire to enlist their aid. After a long night of deliberation, the nobles of the Human Empire voted to side with the orcs and the exiled wizards and commited 2000 soldiers to their aid. The exiled wizards had 100 soldiers as well as a secret ally, the fire dwarfs, who are sending 2000 troops to meet them on the battlefield. This alliance, formed out of necessity, marched towards the plateau of Thay. Zulkir Nevron also joined the allied forces as they marched.

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